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High Risk Operations

High risk merchants are service providers with businesses that characteristically have a high turnover, an increased risk of returns, and complaints. This of course is coloring with a broad brush especially to those who don't understand or care to understand your business model.
​At EBS, we have experience working with almost every type of at risk business in the marketplace.

We welcome ALL business types!  We offer entrepreneurs with Bad Credit, Bankruptcy and struggling merchants an opportunity to thrive in their respective industries.  We believe everyone has the right to be able to maximize their full earning potential.  

Our high risk merchant account solutions are simple and we welcome all business types. We provide at risk merchants solution accounts for you because we know how difficult it is to start a business and see that business grow. Which is why we are committed to taking the burden of the operational NEED of communications with your clients and keeping them happy off of your plate so you can focus on Growth. Let us at EBS do our job for you so that you can do your job and build your Empire.


The following are examples of At Risk businesses we accommodate for Call Center and Operational Solutions but not limited to:

Web Hosting and Web Designing
Remote IT or Tech Support
Bail Bondsmen
Multilevel Marketing (MLM)
Timeshare Advertising and Sales
Check Cashing Services
Payday Loans
Credit Repair and Credit Interest Rate Reduction
Private Investigation or Detective Services
Downloadable Software
Real Estate Services and Property Management
Health Supplements and Vitamins
Pawn Shops
Home-based or apartment operated businesses